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Gonna Miss MorinoKi

2012.08.10 Friday | by sue@2012
  ! 我的天呀! 我快要哭拉! 今天是我在杜之樹作 helper 的最後一天! 千萬個不捨得! 不捨得這裡的一切,一草一樹每個角落都滿載Masa-san 的心思,懷念跟他相處的日子。真的要感謝他讓我這個零日文的港女在這裡當helper. 這星期將會是我人生美麗的一頁.

Ah! I wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my last helper day in MorinoKi. I will gonna miss it. Definitely I will miss Masa-san, MoMo, Hug and MorinoKi.  It is one of the beautiful page in my life. I am so glad that Masa-san let me be part of this project provided that I cannot speak Japanese and work clumsy.

Last but not least, I dedicated this word art to Morinoki, this is first time in my life to do this. Thanks the souvenir shop provide me such a lot of shopping bags to do the drafting.