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2012.08.08 Wednesday | by sue@2012
Masa-san can no longer eat fresh plum after he turned 30. I can no longer take alcohol after 30. We got allergy respectively. Sometimes we just can't take something (no matter we like or not) anymore out of sudden. I believe we just used up the quota of it. I miss the nights, hang out with friends in bars, we drink, we smoke, we swear, we say silly things. It is kind of enjoyment which I classified as "too good to be true". After I got the drinking allergy, I realize everything has its limit, has its quota. We just have to stop it when the limit comes. It leads me hesitate to have the things which is too good to be true because I am afraid of losing it and I hate the feeling of missing something forever. BUT today I have new understanding after Masa-san give me this.

This is Black beer BUT alcohol free.

HAHA! Thanks Masa-san for this beer. Thanks Otaru for this amazing things! My drinking days can be back. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I cannot drink alcohol, I can still drink beer. There are always options. Right! My alcohol day is over however my drinking days are now begin. I will no longer afraid of having too good to be true because it does happen if we keep explore the options.

Although I have not join Masa-san beer party tonight, I have a good time staying in Morinoki. I have chit chat with Taiwanese, tea with British, whoof sharing with Malaysian, itinerary discussion with Hong Kong people and drunk talk with Japanese. Isn't it great! Thanks MorinoKi for all that.  It's just too good to be true.