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Expecting wonder by wonder

2012.08.02 Thursday | by sue@2012
Following the friend reunion trip in Tokyo, I have continued my Hokkaido working holiday trip phase 2, starting in MorinoKi in Otaru. The journey on my own is now to begin. I am expecting a lot of first time is gonna be happen. I am expecting to see how I can sort things out in this foreign country which I am totally an illiterate. I can't read, I can't speak and I can't understand everything in Japanese. Everything is new to me, somehow it is a whole new world to me. It must gonna be fun. I am going to comprehend everything by my common sense, by imitating, by my passion of helping other travelers like me... etc. I am going to have wonder by wonder, I think it is what traveling means, to explore, to wonder, to understand oneself in a different world in a different way.

Sue in MorinoKi dining room report.