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ハナコの完璧な1日 what a perfect day for me!

2020.09.17 Thursday | by hanako#169




マサさんに、Gotenzan Tea Lab. に連れていっていただき、

杜ガールのハグさんと、Gotenzan Tea Lab.の看板犬こいたろう君との、絶妙なソーシャルディスタンシングを見せてもらってたら、




Gotenzan Tea Lab.で、今夏初のナカムラユカリ祭が開催されました。








hello! this is Hanako.

I finished reading until the latest issue of “Golden Kamuy”.

I had a lot of fun today.

Masa-san took Hug-san and me to the cafe “Gotenzan Tea Lab.”

and while I’d been watching Hug-san from Morinoki and Koitarou-kun the posterdog of Gotenzan Tea Lab.’s social distancing,

my friend Asuka-san coincidentally visited the cafe.

so I took a picture together with Asuka-san and sent it to Nakamura Yukari-san,

then, what a surprise, Nakamura Yukari-san came running to us

and we held “Nakamura Yukari festival” at Gotenzan Tea Lab. for the first time in this summer.

after that, I also enjoyed the curry and rice with dumplings from "Miyoshino",

which I must not forget when it comes to Hokkaido.

and moreover that, I went out for a short walk around home.

I felt I could do anything today and started to write this blog at around 6pm

but I had been sleeping before I’d known it and it was already time to go to bed when I woke up...

I was depressed because it would be always like that after all...

but come to think of it, I could do many things and slept even more, so that’s great!

so that means it was a perfect day for me today.