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2018.11.29 Thursday | by chloe #240

Yesterday evening, we had a soba party. Harada-san made the soba, and it was delicious! I particularily loved the hot soba, with the meat and vegetables. Some of the neighbours came too. It was frustrating for me because I couldn’t communicate much —  group talks are always the hardest conversations to follow in a foreign language. But everybody was really nice, and I had a great time. We even had some different sake, and they were all great!

昨日の夜に、そばパーティしました。はらださんがそばを作りました。美味しかったです!はらださん、ありがとうごいざいます!肉と野菜に有るホットそばが本当に好きでした。4人の隣も来ました。あまり話さなかったです・・・(;__;) 外国語でグルプの会話はずっと一番難しいですね。でもみんなは本当に優しくて、結構夜でした。色々お酒も飲みました。美味しかったです!

This morning, we had an amazing breakfast again. Thank you Mayumi-san! Now, I’m excited for breakfast every day. We also talked about gendered nouns. It’s not a thing in Japanese, but it is in French, and it was a funny and interesting conversation. Nobody really understands why we have gendered nouns, including me... Why are watch and beer feminine, and eyeliner and hammer masculine? Harada-san wondering who decides this nowadays also makes me want to do some research. 


Later, I did my usual yoga. But I did a new routine, and it was very tiring so I took a long time to stretch afterwards. Then, I went grocery shopping, and had myself a nice lunch. Hug fell asleep next to me. He’s so cute! Then, I decided to start watching “Hunter x Hunter” again. As a kid, I never watched the anime. But my brother had all the manga, and I liked them so much I borrowed them all the time. But I stopped reading 7 years ago, when I left home. So now, I’m discovering the anime. I really like it, and I’m excited to find out what happened during those 7 years!


After a few episodes, I went for a walk. It was cold, but nice. I heard the night view of the canal was beautiful too, so I went there when it started to get dark and got a little bit overwhelmed because a lot of noisy tourists were there. So I found a nice, quiet spot to sit and watch the night fall on the canal. It was very beautiful indeed!