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A week left

2018.11.19 Monday | by iris #239

Time flies, only a week left in Morinoki.

All the guests were great people, I've go lots of great memories so far.
By the way, finally, you can see the whole page of snow marks on the weather report. 
And before going to Niseco, I decided to cut my style-less hair into super short hair.
My mom will be pretty angry about it if she see me.
日子已經來到了月底, 即將要開始工作, 耍廢的一個月過的如何呢?
終於溫度降下來, 雨也開始下了, 報紙的天氣一欄也都是下雪標誌
在日本,挑戰的東西一個接著一個, 打工換宿 拔牙 剪頭髮