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Meet in MorinoKi(20180111)

2018.01.12 Friday | by elsie 2018
I arrived at otaru in 11 Jan.  The city was snowing. My hometown seldom snow. It was very amazing for me to see the city covered by snow.
I have no sense of  destination, so I lost my way in this small city. Lucky for me I met a grandma who were shoveling snow. She was very friendly although we have the language barrier. I found the Morinoki with her help.
I met Masa, a very nice Japanese. It was surprising that hug is a dog and momo is a cat. I thought they were masa's colleages. Now I think they are masa's family members.
At 4 pm, I bought basic necessities from the coop supermarket. I like supermarket because I can realize the local people's life.
A nice beginning for me! Hope a interesting journey.