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Sunshine lady, sushi and sayonara.

2010.08.26 Thursday | by maria@2010
 Yesterday I jumped on the bus, and headed up to the aquarium. I didn't actually go in to marvel at the dolphins and er, fish, but more to dip my toes in the sea and like an old man, have a snooze on the rocks. It was a gorgeous day, as I settled down onto my chosen flat stone and closed my eyes and opened my ears to the waves and seagulls. On the bus back, I got into conversation with my bus seat companion, and on leaving she handed me a beautiful black and white patterned fan. She was the lady in yellow, a gorgeous bright yellow rain coat to be exact. Thank you sunshine lady, it was a lovely present.

Last night, Masa, Keiko, Sachiko and Masa's mother and I settled down for a sushi hand roll feast. It was all delicious and a wholesome and filling way to finish out my stay here at Morinoki. Yes, the time has finally come for me to bit adieu and sayonara to this port town which has hosted me for the past month. No word of a lie, I have really liked it here and am thankful to have come across so many kind and generous people. Thank you Masa San for allowing me to stay in your beautiful hostel and experience a slice of life here.