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Keeping us guessing..will it come?? And how?!

2010.08.07 Saturday | by maria@2010
 Now even though I previously lived in Japan for two years, and came back and studied intensely for two months, I still falter and splatter and mumble my way through conversations...BUT, when it comes to talking about the weather, I am in my element...I am at peace with the old nihongo. I feel there is an inherent sisterhood between Japan and Britain, because the weather is that all important safe topic which both Brits and Japanese can harp on about for hours, days, months, without risk of offending anyone. I think every other sentence I have uttered and heard, since arriving in Otaru, has been about the weather. Today gave us a lot to talk about because whilst sunny in the morning...clouds descended in the afternoon, yes, CLOUDS. And so ensued the rain, light, then heavy, it wickedly kept us guessing as to what it would do next, soak us or just slightly drizzle over our heads like olive oil over fresh mozzerella balls...with pepper and basil...and maybe some fresh off the vine tomatoes...talking of which, tomatoes in Japan are delicious. Just so you know.

Staying at Morinoki is lovely because I get to meet friendly people everyday. It attracts families as well as backpackers, from close to home to far away. It's a great environment to be in.

Now time for some tomatoes...buon appetit!