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The craziest of them all?

2010.08.06 Friday | by maria@2010
 Ok, before I begin to tell you who I think are the craziest people here and very maybe in the world at large, a word about the is hot. Very hot. I came to Hokkaido with images of walking with a refined air along the streets with an ice-cream in hand and general sense of coolness, but I have been thwarted in my attempts by the heat, which makes my face red and hair frizz and brow sweat. Not very cool. At all.

Rickshaw drivers/haulers/pullers of cart and people. Yes, you. You are crazy. And also very fit...and I have to say quite good looking too..erhem...Out in the midday sun they stand, turning ever more mahogany brown, flattering all who walk past, and then, when finally they get a customer or two, they are off. I've walked past them down main streets, side streets, alleyways; they know Otaru like the back of their hand. As they walk and pull and haul they talk and chat and laugh with their passengers. I am in awe. I salute you crazy rickshaw people. Kampai to you.