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Canal Park

2010.08.04 Wednesday | by maria@2010
 Today I met Sachiko San who uses the hostel to open up her own cafe, twice a month or so. What a fab idea, a roving mobile cafe; tea, coffee, cake, meeting people in a comfy house, what's not to like? Maybe I can do the same back home, (ok, no doubt this is another idea I will add to the many accumulating steadily, which I will forget once I hit the grey skies of London...). So after cooking us up a delicious spaghetti alle vongole dish, Sachiko went to tend to her first customer while I went for my obligatory walk around town. Walking past the old stone warehouses, the grand banks built long ago (erm, am not quite one for dates...) and the first railway track built in Hokkaido (which is what a heard the rickshaw guy telling his customers, so a bit of history for you there) I felt the old town vibe of the place. Reaching canal park, at the quiet end of the canal, I sat watching teenagers skateboarding before heading back along the throng of sushi streets to my home at Morinoki.