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A full week! Exciting. New. Precious.

2010.07.05 Monday | by leanna@2010
 Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

My days seem to fill up very quickly in Otaru.

I feel I'm serving a purpose here.

Thus, it has been a long time since I have blogged.

Currently, I am on a vacation here at Morinoki's, as Thomas is the helper of the week. Afterwords, though I will be back to work.

Where to start.. always the hardest part.

Here is a brief overview of what last week had to offer.

Kani (Crab). Kore wa kani desu. My new friend Kumiko-san graciously served this delicious crab for lunch. Hiru-gohan ni kani o tabimashita. (is this Japanese correct?) I'm trying....
|Crab. Kani!

All you can eat cherries! Totemo Oishikatta! Very Delicious!
Sakurarambo gari! Koko ni Yoichi desu.
Cherry Picking
Thank you Kumiko-san! Tanoshikatta! Whats not to love about all you can eat cherries? Okay... my stomach wasen't very happy with me... but it was worth it.

Okay... The universe has heard my requests and I am receiving! "I would love to make pottery." So now, many people have come into my life that make pottery! Thank you! Arigato gozaimasu! I am so grateful!
Kumiko-san's beautiful pottery! I am inspired!
Kumikos pottery
Kumiko-sans uchi (home) in Sapporo. Where all the magic of pottery making happens!

The Magic Kiln! Cooking all the lovely Pottery!
the magic kiln!

Made with love... I did my best... and this is the result! hehe.. I look forward to making more!
More pottery I made
created by watashi wa! (me)

Sapporo wa hiru-gohan ni pan-ya o tabimashita!
In Sapporo we had this delicious bread for our lunch.
pan-yah hiru-gohan with Kumiko
Nihon ni takusan pan-ya ga arimasu.

I went for yet another walk around Otaru and stumbled across a delightful sign that read "Wellness" and I gladly went inside to discover this very nice person. We chatted in Japanese/English, as I practiced all the japanese I knew, we were able to communicate just fine though! It amazing how communication works, and how language acts as a barrier, but a common ground can be established. I am forever amazed by this and have made many interesting connections with people here in Japan.
My new Tomodachi (friend) Yoshinari Wakayama. A Chiropractor here in otaru.
Todays adventure...My new tomodachi!
Ichigo Ichie!

A beautiful end to the day!

Thank you for today!


Ofcorse, thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!

Riana (my name in japanese)
Lean-chan =)