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Lucky Day!

2010.06.21 Monday | by leanna@2010

Day 3 ...

"I am open to the possiblities of the day"

WOW! Another unexpected, full day!
< BR> Otaru has given me many gifts .... through people, places, things! Thank you!

First ... Faye and I decided to take a walk downtown, passing all the delicious cake shops, I insist we go inside! (I love cakes)

Japan has abundant amount of cake shops! (Many many samples too!) YUM!

 Japanese Cake Shop

This I found interesting .. .. a clock with a sign indicating the weather! Kind of hard to see .. a cloud is glowing under the clock .... indicating its cloudy! Hehhe I find the simple things interesting ....< BR>
clock / weather report

We stoped to watch a small parade ...
small parade

Here we all enjoy eachothers company over drinking some seaweed tea, graciously given to us for free in a seaweed store!
< BR> Loc from Vietnam ... we met near the parade! Quite the mix of countries, Taiwan, Canada and Vietnam! (Ohh traveling brings you together with soo many cultures I love it!!) Well, we all had a very special day together filled with too many precious moments to describe!

Loc .. friend from Vietnam

This sculpture, I found very interesting!

 very interesting wall sculpture

Romantic Otaru Canal!
 Romantic Otaru canal!
Good night Otaru!

Hope you enjoyed! Ofcorse, more to come!! =)