Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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12 days

2016.08.31 Wednesday | by yu#199

I have stayed in Otaru about twelve  days, time flies  so fast! I CAN'T believe because there are lots of places that I haven't visited. These days, I usually walked around Otaru city and went to seaside to take photos. I shot lots of photos about blue sky and my favorite "sea". Most of time, I didn't go anywhere , just stayed  in Morinoki and watched movie,  read books or slept HAHA^^
I really like this place that i can feel cozy and do what I want to do.
Sometimes I can't get into their conversation because  of my poor Japa nese, so i think if i can practice more, it will make me quickly into local life. However, i really have a good memory in this hostel and now i need to hold my time to go more and more places!

Final countdown 6 days!