Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Last day in Morinoki

2016.02.29 Monday | by gen#188
It's me and Shen-chan last working day in Morinoki.
The wind was too strong outside,
so we just spent our time to relax -
planned the next journey,
watched entertainment shows and dramas, etc.

Thanks a lot to Masa san - 
often brought us tasty snacks, told us many stories about Otaru.
And, I will always miss Mayumi's breakfasts.
The interesting thing is -
the main dish was the same as my first breakfast. (0:
Thanks for starting my good days with delicious food.

I enjoyed chatting with every customers,  
listened to different culture, exchanged happiness.  
Moreover, met friendly helpers who came from Taiwan. <:
Will miss you all.

Got the super yummy hand-made chocolate cake from Mayumi!