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2016.02.25 Thursday | by gen#188
I am so sorry that I didn't update yesterday.
It's because I came back quite late -
went to Niseko chatting with my Hong Kong friend,
ran and ran for the last train back to Otaru.
Just a crazy day! lol

And today, I just had a Hina walk.
March 3 is Hina-Matsuri in Japan, also known as Girls' Festival -
when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls.

In this festival,
Japanese will set up a display of dolls inside the house.
Usually the displays are of five or seven layers -
the top tier is reserved for the emperor and the empress.

Japanese people also believe that,
the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits.
I also saw some dolls which made with glasses!
Amazing! All of them have their own expression.

For my tea time,
I chose Kitaichi Glass 3gokan Cafe.
It's so beautiful which lits with 167 kerosene lamps.

There're Hina dolls display too.
Another feeling in a darker place. Still stanning!