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The Easiest Way to Fall Asleep on the Train Home

2015.08.21 Friday | by kathleen#171
 I'd been to onsen before in Taiwan, but I don't think they have the same feeling as the ones in Japan. There's more of an emphasis on feeling peaceful with nature while relaxing in the water. When I head there was a hot spring area with a outdoor bath near Morinoki, I hopped on the next train.

The Asarigawa Hot Springs area is about 10km from Morinoki. You can catch the train to Otaruchikko Station and transfer to the Chuo Bus line directly to the hot springs.

I went to the onsen at Asari Classe Hotel and it was 800 yen for a day ticket. The onsen is gender separated with as with all Japanese-style hot springs. I only wish I could've seen it in the snow.