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23 Sep 2014 Yi-san whooping

2014.09.23 Tuesday | by yisan#150


I'm so sorry that I didn't update anything last night as I was too tired. I immediately fell asleep after eating all the good food. 😋😋😋 

I went to Sapporo yesterday just to visit the Pokemon center. You could find almost every Pokemon franchise in the store. Pokemon daisuki desu!!! Sapporo is indeed a beautiful city. Odori park situated in the medium of the city provides a short getaway for the people living in the city. The whole park stretches approximately into 10 standard football fields. Visitors could enjoy the ambiance of the nature in the city.  I took a little stroll down the park and realized that Sapporo is currently hosting the Oktoberfest which going to last for around two weeks.

On the other hand, I've got to mention that Morinoki held it's 15th anniversary celebration party from 21th Sep to 23th Sep! Congratulations Morinoki! 😊😊😊

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