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Otaru wandering day and Omiyage buying day

2011.02.16 Wednesday | by catherine@2011

Today is the last day I stay in Otaru. No destination and no time constraint, I just wandered around any street in Otaru randomly. Otaru is not a very new city, roads here are not very modern and buildings here are all of ages. Yet this small city let me really relax myself. Though it was a must for me to go to 界町通, where every tourist comes here for Omiyage, the silhouette of the whole street was still nice, resembling a kind of antique taste of this city. And of course, enjoying the sweet I bought along street is also a great time! There are numerous stores of sweet and you will sure find what you like! If you are chocoholic, you can never miss this street!! I also headed to 小樽都通, which is an old and antique sweet street in Otaru. Not so many tourists but you can still find nice sweet shop like Amato here! Originally I planned to go to 天狗山, yet after shopping for a few hours, I was quite tired and I thought it was better for me to pick the luggage in advance, I just end my trip in Otaru in小樽都通.

I really love this place and I am sure I will come back next time for enjoying night view of Otaru!

Sapporo exploring day~

2011.02.15 Tuesday | by catherine@2011

Though I went to Sapporo 2 days ago for the Snow festival, I didn’t really explore it until today. Ishiya factory, Sapporo factory, 時計台, 狸小路 are all my destinations. Yet they are just destinations for my trip in Sapporo, I didn’t find any surprising things around. In comparison to Otaru, Sapporo is too crowded and buildings are too tall: Symbols of any big cities in anywhere in the world. That’s why I don’t really have great feeling of travelling but always question myself whether I am in HK, Seoul, Taiwan, Tokyo or Osaka. When I was finally back to Otaru, the feeling of travelling was back also. Calm place without so many people and tall establishments: so different from the place, HK and Seoul where I lived for years. I really love this place!


P.S. Today the Malaysian family left here and went to 登別 to continuing their trip!~ They were so nice that they gave all their leftover to me, including juicy STRAWBERRY!!! One of the nice points of living in guesthouse is that you can meet really nice people who also love travelling and have communication with them, which will never happen if you stay in hotel! Jason, Serin and Hermione,一路順風!!!


P.S. 2 I met sooooooooo many HK people in Sapporo. Feel like I was in HK……………

St Valentine's Day in Otaru!

2011.02.14 Monday | by catherine@2011
Hurrey~~ I am in Otaru now!~ Today is St Valentine’s day! And I am in one of the romantic places in the world without having a valentine near me! Still I had great time here! I met two girls last night and we three went out for lunch together! Though we had curry, which is not Japanese food, but it was so great! I am so glad that I can have two sudden friends to enjoy the Valentine’s day together!~~Maybe this is what the God gave me as a Valentine’s gift!


P.S. I have NEVER seen sooooo much snow!!!! All the roads are full of snow HILLS which are at least 1 meter tall!! But it didn’t snow much today! So glad I can enjoy the snow without being hit by strong snow!~