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trip is great. because I can meet good people.

2011.01.14 Friday | by yangyang@2011
trip is great. because I can meet good people.

I meet korean guy. while going for lunch,
I have lunch and sightseeing with him.
I'm glad that I can talk to speak in korean~ 

This is <kitaich glass aandle cafe> - by iphone
here is (SKOKE) lovely!! You have to visit this place(^-^)/

my today dinner is KEIKOSANG's SKIYAKI!!
I meet her first~ she is friendly and GAWAE!!
I took a picture of her and (OISIE)SKIYAKI..
(DEMO) my digital camera is problem..ㅠ.ㅜ..
(DAKARA) I can't upload the photograph..

KEIKO sang and MASA sang!!
どうも あり-がとうございます!!

today;s present!!
NICE MASA sang and CUTE momo's photo!!(by iphone)

We have lots of snow today.

2011.01.14 Friday | by yangyang@2011

We have lots of snow today.
I did not expect so much snow here.


(DAKARA) I start the day by shoveling snow!!

It’s hard work shovelling snow.
(DEMO) it is amzing and funny~
Unfortunately,, it is snowing fast..
don’t reveal my shoveling snow T.T

the snow stoped and night sky is clear.
so. OTARU canal becomes even more beautiful.

otaru's shops close at 6~7(P.m)..
In otaru's night,, not much we can do about it.
I came across a good spot on my way home today.

<Groovy> is jazz cafe and bar.

good music. cozy place. a warm and friendly master!!

groovy open from five to 12 p.m., 

groovy is in front of North pacific bank(Inaho Cross roads)
beside LoWSon convenience store..

Well, I'll cut this short for now.
Good-bye till tomorrow


2011.01.13 Thursday | by yangyang@2011

わたしは かんこくの yangyang です.

I arrived in MORINOKI at last night.

(once a month - second Wednesday)

Otaru beer's day,(TABOON) Otaru people's got together
at a Otaru beer Otaru Soko NO.1

(DAKARA) I met a lot of Otaru people, thanks to Masa sang.

I think. OTARU people are very kind and funny and young!!


And OTARU beer's is very good !!
I recommend OTARU's beer!!
OTARU's beer has a smooth, rich taste~

I am so full ^^;;; (DAKARA) I feel very sleepy..

Saying good bye for now..

to be continued...