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Last day in Morinoki

2010.06.03 Thursday | by Faye@2010
Can't believe that I have stayed with Morinoki for 3 weeks.  Time goes by so quickly.  I finally got the will to pack everything up.

In the past 3 weeks, I have been spoiled by the beautiful little town and the warm hospility.  I won't forget the places that I have seen in Otaru.

Snap shot of Otaru Street








and the warm hospility that won't show in the photos.  I had such a great time here.

Funny movie

2010.06.02 Wednesday | by Faye@2010
I saw a movie called 南極料理人today.  It was so funny that even if I don't understand much of Japanese, I still laugh a lot.

Movie intro--

It is about 8 men work in south pole and their silly living stories.  I like the part that they can't wait to run inside to get food and warm up.  I recall the days working in a farm in freezing days.  We count down minutes to get inside.

Morinoki is so cozy and I feel totally like home.  Whenever it is my last date, I just don't feel like packing up yet, so I extended my stay here again.   If it is not too cold in winter and I don't have to worry about money, Otaru is definitely a good place to settle down.

More than just tourist

2010.06.01 Tuesday | by Faye@2010
I finished building a trial in the small garden in Morinoki.

According to Masaki san, he will keep it as it is.  If that is the case, I am no longer a tourist that stoped by, but leave something to memorize (show off?).  I only took photos of places that I have been to but never really did something nice to one place, so it feels good.

The wheather is good, so Masaki san worked very hard to clean up the small pond.

It rained a lot in the late afternoon and we got to see rainbow.

The day goes by so quickly.

Soup curry

2010.05.31 Monday | by Faye@2010
A few days ago, I translated one introduction about Hokkaido travel magazine from Japanese to Chinese (tho' my Japanese is bad).  I was confused by the term "soup curry" and Masaki san showed me what it is today.

Soup curry, as photo, is is the most famous food in Hokkaido.  It becomes so famous that people open new soup curry shops around Japan. 

I was totally confused when the food was served.  Japanese people eat soup curry by soaking the rice into the soup first.

I ate them all up including the soup.  Japanese people actually drink up the curry soup, which is amazingly tasty.  I can't imagine one day I would drink a soup made by curry but it tastes goood.


2010.05.30 Sunday | by Faye@2010






Stop raining

2010.05.29 Saturday | by Faye@2010
It has been raining for a few days and I have got a good excuse to be lazy, but not today.  Since the blue sky finally showed itself, I also felt like eating ice cream again. Yummy~~

I also went to Otaru Park, which located across the street.  The park is colorful and this should be the Hokkaido Flower.

I also wondered around Otaru small streets.  This was an masion for an rich man in many years ago.

I like houses covered by vine.  It has a feeling of antient days.

There is also a shop with animal head hangers to decorate houses.  I left the shop with a creepy feeling.

It is always good to walk around when the wheather is good.


2010.05.28 Friday | by Faye@2010



そして、そのすしを切りました (どうして??)








2010.05.27 Thursday | by Faye@2010
今日は小樽Bineで晩ご飯を食べました.  The building itself was an old Japanese bank, which became a famous restaurant in nowadays.

It is to celebrate I don't have to worry about money.  My only wish in working holiday is to go around Hokkaido and now I don't have to worry I will run out of money before I finish travelling around Hokkaido.  One more thing is to celebrate the new job offering to Kit and the chance to get rid of stationing in China.


Their famous dish is spaghetti but I have had enough spaghetti, which I cooked for myself almost everyday ever since I came to Japan, so I chose pizza as the main dish.

It was good.

It is beautiful inside the restaurant.


I also visited the old exchequer, which looks like a restaurant now.

but you can still tell it once played an important role in the bank by the double doors it has.

One of the good elements in travelling is good food.  I enjoyed those good dishes!

Lazy days

2010.05.26 Wednesday | by Faye@2010
I have to confess that I have been lazy these days.  I haven't set foot out of this house for 3 days and start to wonder how I managed to do so.

Blame it on the cozy seat.  I cannot help but to sit on it for almost whole day.

blame it on the couch that enables a good view of the mountain.

Blame it on the small cafe corner.

and collections of comics.

With all these, why bother going out for fun?

The only thing that I did in these 2 days is that I finished JLPT level 2 test.  I have been putting books away since I came to Japan, focus only on playing around, but somehow I made progress.  I still think it is difficult to speak and write Japanese but I am glad that I am and will make progress.

Pet and life

2010.05.25 Tuesday | by Faye@2010
その時には petと一緒には楽しいです