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final diary

2010.03.04 Thursday | by kim@2010
 Today my final diary...

in the morning, I finished cleaning snow.

So  I was very happy.

And I went to the orgal shop. And bought orgal for my parents..

Today my final day, so I watch korean movie.

If I finish whoop, I will miss it.

I recommend to you, Whoop is the fantastic..

This experience is very good in my life..

Thank to moronoki for giving to this experience.

Today I am cooker

2010.03.02 Tuesday | by kim@2010
Today in the evening, I made the dinner.

very simple, I used just onions and eggs and meats.. and rice.

But It is delicious, just my idea

And I treat to Korean traveler.

He said to me  food is good.

So I am happy. because I like cooking.

I will cook until Thursday.


I come back morinoki..

2010.03.01 Monday | by kim@2010

I have stayed morinoki on 2/5. This time, I feat comfortable in morinoki.

So now I do whoop  on 3/1-3/5

Today, I clearnd snow on the street.

when I stayed in niseko, everyday I did.

So I am just a little tired............

now I look forward to enjoying and talking with travelers..

Because I want to heard travel`story....

I will enjoy Whoop~~~