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Big hearty breakfast

2018.05.03 Thursday | by danny2018

Every morning Mayumi wakes up at 5 am to prepare breakfast for guests. She is a very good cook and her tireless efforts allows us to have a delicious breakfast everyday, so important to charge our body with energy so that we can enjoy more of Otaru. 


Today we have a total of 8 people for breakfast and it was lots of fun together with good food.


2018.05.01 Tuesday | by danny2018

Today it’s beautiful weather in Otaru and decided to check out Suitengu. This place has a dramatic view of the Otaru harbour and the shrine is peaceful.

It is within 15 minutes of Morinoki hostel. Because the slopes are pretty steep to get up onto the hill, it is recommended to wear good shoes. The hike up will let you have a good workout but the view on top is rewarding and well worth it.



Hello! NEW whooper "Danny"

2018.04.28 Saturday | by danny2018

MorinoKi Helper (whooper #231)
Danny from Singapore.