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The Last Day In Morinoki

2017.08.14 Monday | by martin2017

This is my last night at Morinoki, and this is also my last night in Otaru. All I did today is cherish every moment I left in this beautiful city and at the warm Morinoki~

The Otaru Aqiarium

2017.08.13 Sunday | by martin2017

Despite of the fact that it stopped raining this morning, foggy weather came after it and covered the whole Otaru city, which makes people not able to see the wonderful view on Tenguyama. Therefore, I decided to visit Otaru aquarium today. To tell the truth, I just known that Otaru has it's own aquarium yesterday through the internet. Words cannot describe how exciting I am because I like to visit aquariums since I was a child.  Luckily, I caught the bus on time so I can stroll around the aquarium and watched the show of dolphins and seals one after another.  However, the aquarium was full of people because today is in the middle of the obon festival. The crowded aquarium makes me a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, I had a good day there.

Visiting Otaru Outlet

2017.08.12 Saturday | by martin2017

There are many customers check-out today, so it was busy this morning, which makes me a bit tired.; Additionally, it rained heavily for whole day. Therefore, I changed today's travel schedule and visit Otaru Outlet near Otaru Chikko station. Frankly speaking, this is the greatest mall that I had ever seen. First of all, it has various kinds of stores and facilities so that you can have a enriched weekend here. Second, the mall is middle-sized and there has lots of resting area so that customers may not feel tired while shopping. Last but not least, guideposts is everywhere in the mall so that customers won't get lost. I very enjoy window-shopping here. By the way, I'd had the most delicious shoyu ramen on the way to the mall. It's name is 初代拉麵. It's strong taste of shoyu is extremely fit with the perfect chashuu. Even though it might not the most delicious shoyu ramen in Japan, I swear that I would pay a visit here again if I come to Otaru in the future.

Temiya Rich

2017.08.12 Saturday | by martin2017

Everyday while all the routine in Morinoki is finished, I always go to
Suitengu, a temple near Morinoki, before I go through my travel
schedule. Because the location is the highest place near Otaru Port, I
can enjoy a great view of Otaru there. If the weather is clear, every
movement of the city can be clearly captured. Looking down from
Suitengu, it's seems that my entire soul is being purified by the
beautiful scene of Otaru. By the way, I can see two railroad crossing
Otaru, which is the Hakodate Honsen line and the Temiya line. Both of
the railroads were constructed to deliver admiralty coal and Hokkaido
agricultures; however, due to the declining international trading,
logistics and coal delivery, the Temiya line was forced to close since
1985. Therefore, I walk along the reminded Temiya line to feel it's
glorious history. Unfortunately, the reminding Temiya line is too long
and inconvenient that few tourist visit here. What a pity!

The Otaru Canal

2017.08.10 Thursday | by martin2017

Today is cloudy. Crisp wind and the smell of sea makes me feel comfortable. The weather is suitable for slow pace travelling. Therefore, I strolled along the Otaru Canal all day long to enjoy the pleasant weather and old streets. Walking along the canal, I saw warehouses and  factories sit on the riverbank. Of course, these old buildings are not in use now; however, the old buildings are not abandoned but being reconstructed into featured stores, which turn over a new leaf for warehouses and factories. To tell the truth, these stores are so attractive that I almost forgot to have dinner. I love the city so much!

Enomoto Takeaki Everywhere

2017.08.09 Wednesday | by martin2017

My first day in Otaru, I had a brief walk around to enjoy the
beautiful old city. I was first impressed by the history of the city
because i can see Enomoto
Takeaki everywhere. Who is Enomoto Takeaki? he is the one who brings
Otaru prosperity. During the Meiji Restoration, Enomoto Takeaki
promoted several policies about international trading and logistics,
which makes a lot of port cities in Japan flourishes, including Otaru.
Although the trading and logistics are no longer prosperous now in
Otaru, people still remind the man who used to made them proud. To be
honest, it's really touching to see people remember the past of their
own city.

Hello New whooper! #216

2017.08.08 Tuesday | by martin2017


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