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Blog August 3rd

2017.08.04 Friday | by irmi2017

So this was the last day, and as such deserves a worthy blog entry. A special one. It is a well known fact to all German people that our language has since borne a sincere heaviness to it than English can never imitate, let alone equal. And so, for the swan song, German:

Eine Woche verbracht, vertan möchten manche Seelen sagen. Doch nichts ist der Wahrheit ferner. Gelernt, geübt, geworfen und getroffen. Gesprochen, gelogen und der Wahrheit unverhofft entsprochen. Ein Heim und eine Familie, die man nicht zu verstehen mag und doch mehr begreift als die Verwandten im Blute. Gespart, genossen und gewartet. Ein Auge voller Tränen ob der Aussicht auf Abreise, ein lachendes Herz ob der gewonnenen Tage. Mori no Ki, nun bin auch verwurzelt in deinem Wald, unter satt grünen Kronen.

Blog August 2nd

2017.08.02 Wednesday | by irmi2017

How the time flies. On my penultimate day in Otaru I finally decided it was time to properly explore the city. I have a good nack for getting completley lost, and it didn't take me long to have absolutley no idea where I was. But, as a wise woman once noted, you can't get lost if you have no goal. Said wise woman today discovered an old and well hidden secret of Otaru: there are actually three guarding cats at the temple near Moro ni Ki, as proven by the picture below. After unreaveling the truth I took a stroll down souvenir lane. That's probably not what it is called, but it should be. I did not find the sushi shaped music box at the music boy museum and was appropiatly dissapointed. What I did find, however, was a magicarp purse, and I think I will have to go and buy it tomorrow, as it was just plain awsome. I also hope to find the gatcha machine that deals out the sushi-but-with-girls-instead-of-rice figurines, because I can honestly not think of a better Souvenir from this country.

Blog August 1st

2017.08.01 Tuesday | by irmi2017

Writing about food always shows one or more of the following things: you are out of ideas what to write about. Your day was just not that eventful. You have an instagram account that for whatever reason centers around food. You think anybody actually cares about what you ate (seriously, nobody does, ever).
As taste is probably the hardest experience to describe to somebody else (of you don't know what Knödel mot Soße tastes like, 'a bit salty' won't tell ya), there is no point in rambling on about your meal; sure you can say if something was well prepared, but chances are, if you are writing about it, the food was pretty good anyway.
Additionally, eating sushi in Japan is probably the least original, albeit be it one of the best, experiences in the pallet spectrum. But apart from the fact that I had suahi in a small, famuly ownes, very traditional Japaneae restaurant in Otaru,, and that it was delicious and expertly prepared, there is also reall nothing more worrhwile to say about that.

Blog July 31st

2017.07.31 Monday | by irmi2017

Today was one of those days where you can hear the rain even before you open your eyes amd see the grey stream of drops in front of your window; pressing against the wondowpain in a steady drumroll of a neverending lament for summer. Here in Japan, summer seems to have two stages: Dante's Inferno or Ponyo ( great fan of the latter one, literally and methaphorically). I always found rainy days to be marvellous, especially when it's real, stream causing, gutter filling hard-on-your-head rain. Alas, today was no exception. Catching up on my reading, trying to sketch the outline of the guesthouse and trying out all the logic games and puzzles in the common room; and only wearing ballerinas on my trip to the supermarket and feel this soft water on my feet. These are perks in my days, and while some people might think them awfully boring and would consider a day lost to the rain a day gone to waste, a steady downpour does wonders for the imagination and the mind if you let it.

Blog July 30th

2017.07.30 Sunday | by irmi2017

After a day that started very much like the first, I decided to hang out and relax at the Guesthouse, because, heck, I am on vacation after all. The terrace is perfect for reading and chilling, and every once in a while Hug comes to visit and lay in the sun after sniffing your toes. As today was the last day of the Otaru Matsuri, I went to see the glorious fireworks at night and have a stroll home through Otaru's night streets. And I got to see my first steam out of the famous tower clock!
Without a doubt the highlight of the day: the eight flavoured ice cream tower :)

blog July 29th

2017.07.29 Saturday | by irmi2017

Hello everyone!
After long and hot travels through Japan I finally made it to the beautifully haunting Hokkaido. After being greeted my mist as thick as pea soup yesterday, Otaru showed her bluest sky today, almost as to commemorate my wonderful first day here.
Waking up at ungodly hours I found the house peaceful and quiet, and after helping preparing breakfast I got to enjoy Mayumi's excellent cooking skills myself. Everybody's good mood and high spirits made the morning's work go by in a jiffy.
In the afternoon I got to visit the Otaru Aquarium, which featured a beast of a walrus and rope jumping dolphins. Nestled in Japan's whimsical coastline, the aquarium was a perfect addition to a perfect first day here.

Hello New whooper! #214

2017.07.28 Friday | by irmi2017
MorinoKi Helper (whooper #214)

Irmi from Germany.