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4/5 Day_Lucky to enjoy the Doll's Day

2017.03.04 Saturday | by brenda #208
In the Breakfast,I still enjoyed the full love and perfect food.And then,I knew today is the Doll's Day from Masa. However,let me google to know the history about the day and so interesting.
Today,It snow for all day,and cold.The temperature is lower than other days in Otaru.So I still planned the easy schedule for beer,beer,and more beer…(Just as gifts for my Drummer teacher,friends,and me)*I want to collect a bottle beer of local type for my trip.
In the dinner, Masa cooked for the dinner. (So cool, Dough, noodles, and then different kind of food. So delicious, really 👍)I'm very lucky and thank for their  inviting. That's a perfect night with Sake🍶.
I went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. 🍺
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3/5 Day_Go to SAPPORO for all day

2017.03.02 Thursday | by brenda #208
Today Breakfast with different countries people about Korea,Japan,the USA,and I'm Taiwanese.To be with the Smile sausage,and still be delicious.
Goodbye my dear partner,cute and shy girl,she sometimes helps transfer to me Immediately.(oh,so sweet)Safe Fly🖐
​In the afternoon,I went to SAPPORO station to buy a ticket of "ONE DAY SAPPORO " for subway.And I walked to SAPPORO tower/羊之丘/森彥咖啡/狸小路/Big Camera/Shopping
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2/5 Day_Today I wake up a little late

2017.03.01 Wednesday | by brenda #208

It was my breakfast by myself(Just the different then other rice haha )but almost is Mayumi's homemade.

Look so delicious.


However,In the afternoon,I took the bus(the bus station nearby JR 小樽站)to the 天狗山(No,it's only a 25 minute car ride).And then by cable car to the top.When I Finished the plan above all,It's snowing outside.That's romantic for me.

I got crazy about SNOW.


The pic shows TODAY's MOMO.

Background with a song on the CD player about "古川本舗_スカート" in The Otarunai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi.

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1/5 Day_The first experience of SNOW

2017.02.28 Tuesday | by brenda #208
What's amazing.I haven't seen the real snow in my life,and I'm so lucky that it is sunny🌞.(Thank to Masa's help,I can use Non-slip sleeve to walk safely.)However, I like their tempo and assimilate into their life here. Wake up in the early morning and enjoy cooking with Mayumi with amazing view✌.
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Hello New whooper!

2017.02.27 Monday | by まさ@もりのき

MorinoKi Helper (whooper #208)
Brenda from Taiwan.


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