Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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7/21 5th day

2016.07.21 Thursday | by sen#196

We r the helpers here. Naoki n I r from Taiwan. We had a super dinner tonight. Quiche before meal n cold noodle as dinner then will be melon as dessert. Perfect night with gorgeous food.

went to an ice cream shop today- it's called 小樽ミルク プラント, it's close to the hostel. Near the Otaru park. That's so good. N u will see the church, city hall, library n some buildings all around. You can get a lazy afternoon follow my directions. Haha!

7/20 Forth day

2016.07.20 Wednesday | by sen#196

Finished today's routine then Riding the bike to 菜はな visit Mayumi. ( the long term helper.) The Japanese Style Restaurant. They serve delicious n healthy dish!!!

Went to 祝津 ( the aquarium area.) after lunch, ( chose the wrong way through 手宮 park which is really steep way to the top then down........well, up n down is kinda normal in Otaru, take care with the bike. The weather was soooo nice so the color of the sea is stunning.
What a beautiful day!


Back to hostel n got this shot.
Good night!

7/19 third day

2016.07.19 Tuesday | by sen#196

Today was raining in the whole morning. It's lovely to enjoy the quiet moment at hostel.

Sometimes need to slow down. Just spend the time n do nothing.


Mayumi's Japanese home dish. Dinner tonight - Lamb Don, it's soooooo good.


U can stay any place around the hostel in anytime as u want. We had a talk after delicious dinner.

7/18 second day blog

2016.07.18 Monday | by sen#196

Beautiful morning!
The long stay helper Mayumi cooked the breakfast n dinner for guest. ( you can reserve one day before n no menu, all her special every day. Breakfast: 390 yen, Dinner: 500 yen)
You can enjoy Japanese style meal with it.
It will bring u a wonderful start of the day.

7/17 first day of blog.

2016.07.17 Sunday | by sen#196


The first day got here. A lovely place.

Masa  is so friendly. He shows me everything around the hostel.

The Otarunai Hostel is so comfy, clean n quiet.


2016.07.17 Sunday | by sen#196


MorinoKi Helpers (whooper #196)

Sen-chan from Taiwan.