Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Last day in Morinoki

2016.02.29 Monday | by gen#188
It's me and Shen-chan last working day in Morinoki.
The wind was too strong outside,
so we just spent our time to relax -
planned the next journey,
watched entertainment shows and dramas, etc.

Thanks a lot to Masa san - 
often brought us tasty snacks, told us many stories about Otaru.
And, I will always miss Mayumi's breakfasts.
The interesting thing is -
the main dish was the same as my first breakfast. (0:
Thanks for starting my good days with delicious food.

I enjoyed chatting with every customers,  
listened to different culture, exchanged happiness.  
Moreover, met friendly helpers who came from Taiwan. <:
Will miss you all.

Got the super yummy hand-made chocolate cake from Mayumi!

Diamond blue

2016.02.28 Sunday | by gen#188
The weather was suprisely beautiful today! <:
So I decided to go to Shukutsu again,
by bus this round ha.

The sky and the ocean both with pretty diamond blue. 
Always amazed by the beauty of sea.

And it's soba day in Morinoki.
Masa san made hand-made soba,
shared with neighborhood, friends and customers. 
Delicious! (0:

One of his friend bought tasty cakes for everyone!!
I just enjoyed a piece with my favourite strawberry.

Thanks for a wonderful day. Good night. :)


2016.02.27 Saturday | by gen#188
Another Hina-Matsuri day!
Attended many Hina events with Shen-chan.

made Hina-Origami. We need to finish it within 30 mins,
otherwise there're some cost of using the place.
Finally we did it! Although I alreadly forgot the steps ha.

we went to Tanaka Shuzo.
Surprised at the meticulous of traditional dolls.

free kimono experience in Otaru market.
It's my first time to wear Japanese kimono!!
Full of happiness!!! <:Usually I don't like purple,
but friendly Obasan chose this color for me, told me that I suit it.
Thank you for the kindness of you all!
And we got pretty hand-made gifts from them.

Have a nice break time

2016.02.26 Friday | by gen#188
No one expects me and the white ocean,
Ranshima was such a pretty place -  
to listen the wave singing out, to feel the snow slowly falling.

It's also the location of movie ''NANA'',
where Ren and Nana living when they were still young.

Back to Otaru station,
had a nice break time in a bakery.
I love the Mentaiko ¥ with potato ¥ bread so much!

The most relaxed time - went to public bath!!!!!
Really enjoyed the natural hot spring. 


2016.02.25 Thursday | by gen#188
I am so sorry that I didn't update yesterday.
It's because I came back quite late -
went to Niseko chatting with my Hong Kong friend,
ran and ran for the last train back to Otaru.
Just a crazy day! lol

And today, I just had a Hina walk.
March 3 is Hina-Matsuri in Japan, also known as Girls' Festival -
when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls.

In this festival,
Japanese will set up a display of dolls inside the house.
Usually the displays are of five or seven layers -
the top tier is reserved for the emperor and the empress.

Japanese people also believe that,
the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits.
I also saw some dolls which made with glasses!
Amazing! All of them have their own expression.

For my tea time,
I chose Kitaichi Glass 3gokan Cafe.
It's so beautiful which lits with 167 kerosene lamps.

There're Hina dolls display too.
Another feeling in a darker place. Still stanning!

In the mood

2016.02.23 Tuesday | by gen#188
Today's Yuna last day. A bit lonely without her. 
But I'm sure we will meet again.

Me and Shen Chan went to Amato,
had a relaxed tea time.

After that, we just visited the bank of Japan Otaru museum.
The most interesting thing is,
we can feel the weight of a package containing 100 million yen.

And we had a cup of coffee in Otaru literature museum.
What a nice quiet place. <:
I may visit once again!

The apple day

2016.02.22 Monday | by gen#188
After finished today's work,
me, Yuna and Shen went to Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery.

Nikka Whisky, one of Japan's top whisky makers.
We can see -
the traditional distillation process that is unchanged until now.

Visitors may also have free taste testing.
Not only whisky, but also apple juice and oolong tea.
The apple brandy was so so good!

Seems like Yoichi is famous for apple,
cause we can discover many apple products everywhere.

It's a pity that we need to wait the limited train for one hour.
All of us were so hungry.
Just went to a local Yakisoba shop - Dondo.
Only 460yen! For tasty Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba!

2/22 sounds like cats' voice in Japanese - Nyan!
So today is ''cats of the day''.
Was it a nice day? Momo san?

The snowy day

2016.02.21 Sunday | by gen#188
Me and Mayumi San,
spent the day listening to The Beatles album.

A group that,
still stand as one of the most influential bands of all generation.
Love their music -
explain themselves, life, love, art, and imagination.

Took a walk,
found out that there's lot of crows in Otaru.
Silent sometimes, Fly away sometimes.
A spirit animal, with mysterious feeling.

Today's drama was Kamogawa Shokudo -
a Japanese drama which is really heart-touched.

" Search for food with memories. "
People who have troubles,
whatever it's about work, family, love, relationships,
went to Kamogawa Shokudo, discovering the courage to live.

Food lover

2016.02.20 Saturday | by gen#188
Today's breakfast - Super delicious sandwiches!
The one azuki with Hokkaido butter,
made the best match.

And, the western style soup was so so good!
Everyday, Mayumi's breakfasts gave me energy,
to start a new day. Thanks a lot!

When the sky was still blue,
I went to the nearby local fish market with Shen-chan.
Many cheap, fresh, cute fishes. Enjoyed!  

See! The fashionable lady! Love her sodagreen.

The Azuki's day! Because of Mayumi's sandwiches,
I just made Azuki's toast again. Nagoya's style? Haha.

Used the fish I bought in the fish market for dinner.
3 fishes with sauce, only need 500 yen! 
Tasty! Although I messes up once. lol

Work hard, relax harder

2016.02.19 Friday | by gen#188
Fried chicken for today's breakfast.
Love that salty sauce. <:

Snow removal today. A bit hard but fun.
Ha we just talked and talked while removing the snow.

And we made these little snow mans.
Masa san gave them cute hats. (0:

Again, too lazy to get out of Kotatsu.
So I just stayed in MoriNoKi all day, watched Korean drama -
Cheese in the trap. It's too interesting!
I love all the clothes that main female character wears.

wanna share the beautiful sunset from our room.