Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Day 19

2016.02.08 Monday | by yuyu#187

Hi there, today is my last day to be a helper in MorinoKi
But this is not a last breakfast in MorinoKi hahaha

Yesterday we decided to go to the NaHaNa which is the store Mayumi san worked there
Then go to the place near Otaru Aquarium to see the super great scene on this day with blue sky and sunshine

But the original plan of last day is still broken as each normal day
Although today looks so great, it's very cold actually
So we changed our plan to visit the OSA winery, and have a cup of hot wine
Then went to 水天宮 for a nice Otaru view at sunset
It was lucky to meet Masa san and Hug there

I though four of us will have dinner together, but things always exceeded your expectation
We went to have dinner without Masa san

Three of us really thank to Masa San, we have Genghis khan lamb and many alcohols in 樽男 because of him
The last day is also the first day of Chinese lunar year, it is a great start of this year

Day 18

2016.02.07 Sunday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, Sometimes I ate fried dumplings at breakfast in Taiwan
So I recommended Mayumi san to make dumplings at breakfast, and she did it
What a great chef hahaha

By the way, today is the day before Chinese lunar new year, we called 除夕
Everyone usually eat dinner with their family together
Although this is my first time to celebrate new year in our country
I still had great night here

After dinner, we went out to make our own snow light
I found we didn't need to join the crowd at canal or railway, we could have fun in our own place and made our own beautiful 雪あかり

Always sleeping, I envy

Day 17

2016.02.06 Saturday | by yuyu#187

Hi there, today I saw many posts about earthquake in Taiwan on Facebook after I wake up
The earthquake damaged many buildings especially in my hometown Tainan
But ther still had good news, like my friends and my family didn't get hurt
I was too distracted to find that i didn't photo the breakfast before I ate
Fortunately I still could photo the main dish today, spicy tofu

It was a lazy day to me, I only went out to buy some food and to the 雪あかりの路 in Otaru canal
So frozen today

Day 16

2016.02.05 Friday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, today Mayumi prepared the congee for somebody might have flu, still delicious
Then we start to change nearly all the bed in MorinoKi, fight

Pizza was our lunch today, so cool because there are 4 flavor in each pizza, thanks to Masa san and... sorry Hug

I saw many people photo and workers light up the candle at the Otaru Chanel nearly close to the time of sunset

It's lucky to have dinner with Mayumi san, because we had super delicious Hokkaido shrimp tomato sauce pasta tonight, so great

I went to the snow light festival (雪あかりの路)in Otaru after dinner

What a good day

Day 15

2016.02.04 Thursday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, I have been a helper in MorinoKi for two weeks
Every delighted morning began with delicious breakfast made by Mayumi san 
I deeply appreciate her

We went out to visit the store which we interested after noon
It seems temperature was higher than zero today because the snow on the ground was melted a lot
Finally we went in to the coffee shop called Free Lance, eating food, drinking coffee and enjoy the Jazz music floating around us
By the way, there are some amazing black and white photos sell in the shop

When we stay in the coffee shop, it snowing outside, heavy snow
The snow accumulated very quickly on the horizontal of everything

We used the food we have, like sausages, pickled cabbage, dumpling, miso soup and last night's rice to made our dinner, it's a little bit weird, but it's fun
Most important is we have Sapporo Beer, you just can't stop to drink Sapporo Beer

Day 14

2016.02.03 Wednesday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, if you want to have great breakfast and beautiful snowy scene
Just come to Otaru and stay in MorinoKi

Today I have my first experience of snow removal
I felt fun because it just like digging pudding or eating big bowl of ice

Today is also the special day in Japan
Tomorrow is the first day of spring, so before season change which means today there have some custom, like eating the sushi which called 惠方卷, sprinkling bean

So we made 惠方卷 tonight to remove the bad luck, it's heard that we couldn't say a word during eating, but it's fun because I don't see anyone is quiet

We also have a big Oni here hahaha

Day 13

2016.02.02 Tuesday | by yuyu#187

Hi there, this morning Mayumi san prepared breakfast for nine persons 
She is really great at this, then ate her own breakfast after we finished, really kind and sweet, so much to thanks

Hug usually sleeping at here and make a little bit sound in the afternoon, but still cute

I totally don't know what is Momo looking

After sunset, Otaru started to become snowy and windy, the snow was moving horizontally
This small town became hazy, another beautiful scene

There is fresh snow falling on the snow 

Day 12

2016.02.01 Monday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, I love cheese potato very much today!!!! 

When I went out I found today is a great day, even the electric pole was beautiful with the blue sky, you just can't stop to photo and photo again

Then here I came to the 佳吉神社, it's quite silence and beauty

Finally I came back to the MorinoKi, and found a snowy light standing beside the MorinoKi sign, really nice
The great thing was today gather many guests from different country, like Thai, Korea, Hong Kong
We just talk and eat together, make tonight so well

Good news is today our new helper Gen san from HongKong is come
Nice to meet you guys

Day 11

2016.01.31 Sunday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, we have scone and meat ball soup today
"It's like magic" Lulu said, because Mayumi san make this breakfast so quickly 

Today we also have a big challenge at dinner, I decided to try this instant noodles which with CHOCOLATE SAUCE
I couldn't image what is the taste of noodle with chocolate, so it totally inspire my curiosity 

And this is what this weird noodle look like when it finished (don't even have vegetables)
Of course we tasted the noodle, and we totally couldn't accept this weird noodle!!
After Mayumi san added some salty sauce, it became too salty
So she decided to cook with rice and vegetables, then our dinner became....

Became like this, fried rice and noodle with nearly no chocolate flavor
Fortunately, there is Masa san's delicious meat beside the "it's okay" fried rice and noodle

Day 10

2016.01.31 Sunday | by yuyu#187
Hi there, one of the important reason to accomplish this great breakfast is its rice
The rice I eat everyday doesn't stick together, that's why I love it

I go to see the music box in the 小樽音樂盒堂 which is full of the tourists
I heard one of the tourists said "I want to find a unique one!"
I though the "unique" one music box is not in here but outside the building on the sidewalk
Yap, the unique music box in my heart is the steam clock, this beautiful clock can tell you the time every hour and also play the rhythm every 15 mins

It's really a beautiful clock, isn't it?

Although the outside is -7 degree, it's not a snowy day
I could see the skiing fields on the 天狗山 very clearly
Not like the day I stayed on the mountain, the night view of Otaru must clearly tonight
Why I learned from travel is not to chase the perfect time, it's always now and never