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2015.10.22 Thursday | by vivian#177
Time flies.
A week passed.
It's time to say goodbye...

Although my Japanese is very weak, works slowly, and not good at cooking...
Thank you all for accepting such of me.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I will miss MorinoKi.
I will miss you all.

The life goes on.

2015.10.21 Wednesday | by vivian#177

Today's raining and cold.
Seulgi-chan made the breakfast with French toast and fried egg.
Matsumoto-chan made the coffee latte.

Masa ordered pizza because it's raining outside.
After work, we had a pizza party!! The morning and noon Sapporo beer are good~~~~~the limited production!!

It still rained afternoon.
There is warm, peaceful and joyful atmosphere inside MorinoKi.
I stayed here and spent whole day writing diary, postcards, and drawing paintings.
The day just passed by silently.

Later, I played the harmonium stood on the hall in the evening.
Although it is old and not works very well, the harmonic sound let me feel restful.
Thank you :)

And thanks to Seulgi-chan to make pasta to me!

In the night, I gave the paintings of MorinoKi to you all for thanks caring.
There's Masa-san, Seulgi-chan, Mayumi-chan, momo, hug on it.
I'm happy you like it.
I will miss you all. 😊

Lucky day!

2015.10.20 Tuesday | by vivian#177

After today's work, Masa took us to オタルナイ湖. There is a big lake for water storage and the mountains surrounded.
I can't stop myself to 写真を撮り 撮り 撮ります...
The mountain is so colorful in autumn.
I'm happy to be here right now.
Lucky 1!

In the afternoon, sun shined through into living room.
There's so warm in sunshine, dog and cat lay down and fell asleep.
I really enjoy this moment. Silent, peace and warm. 
I draw a sketch for Hug-chan.

Since here came a familiar guest tonight, Masa-San called the sushi takeaway!
Lucky 2!

I felt satisfied and 幸せ today.
Thanks for all of these.

なべ not bad!

2015.10.19 Monday | by vivian#177

Today is also a sunny day with はなみず😂
Thanks for Seulgi-chan's caring.

But it started to rain in the afternoon... And become 寒い!
I went to a cafe shop はち, it's very warm inside there.
The wood cabin is so lovely so that it let me feel like I have a cup coffee in a fairytale~

Today's dinner began from 18:30.
It is hot pot/火鍋/なべ! 
Oh yeah!
もちはすごい〜It taste tenderly chewy.
Everybody get together around the hot pot and eat, talk, laugh.


In the later night, I arrange the travel schedule after leaving here.
Thanks for Masa's help!


When I walked back from cold night outside tonight, looking at the warm yellow light and saying ただいま.
When we ate hot pot and saying 暖かい.
When I concentrated on scheduling and suddenly heard the sound of snore, Masa and the cat fell asleep.
Suddenly a feeling came.....

MorinoKi is like home.

Sunny day is the cleaning day

2015.10.18 Sunday | by vivian#177

Let's clean inside and outside because it's a sunny day!
Vacuum is good friend with us. All the dust was disappeared~

Lunch is 餃子 and お土産 from 登別!Masa-San help me to cook 餃子😂
Thank you all~

Although the day is warm, I have a running nose......はなみず!

In the afternoon, I went to the river again. There's so many tourist because today is Saturday!
I just stood at the riverside and practice stretching.
Hope you like it :)

And hope my nose is better tomorrow....

食べ Day!

2015.10.17 Saturday | by vivian#177

The first day to 働く!
It is not so easy and I worked slowly. すみません😂

Masa-san took us to eat lunch at an elegant restaurant 夢二亭!
It's my first time to eat spaghetti in Japan.
There's amazing view in Otaru park. Since it's a big sunny day, we can see the colorful mountains, 町, and the ocean.
A magic moment.

Finally we went to eat the 一番のアイスクリーム in Otaru.
Seulgi-chan ordered the biggest one! NYジャンボ!
The size really shocked me.😱
And Seulgi-chan finished it easily. Awesome!

Today's dinner is Udon made by Mayumi-chan. Still delicious!

I have a satisfied stomach today😊

Hello Otaru! Hello MorinoKi!

2015.10.16 Friday | by vivian#177
Nice to meet you!
I'm Vivian who come from Taiwan.

It's lucky to use 秋の乗リ放題 JR 3days pass for celebrating 10/14 railway's day!
I used it to go to 稚内 and 宗谷岬, the northernmost of Japan.
I'm really enjoy in taking train since the landscape is so beautiful in Hokkaido.

Today morning I came from Nayoro and took the JR nearly all the day.
Finally, I'm here!

The people are so nice here.
The dinner, handmade cake and coffee is so delicious! 美味しい!
Mayumi-chan is a great chef!

And here comes an old friend of MorinoKi, Mu-chan.
She is also a Taiwanese so we have a good talk.
I think there is a magic place to meet people.
Thanks for all.
Good thing happens.
よろしく お願いします。

New MorinoKi Helper!

2015.10.15 Thursday | by vivian#177
New MorinoKi Helper (whooper #177)
Vivian from Taiwan.