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Shukutsu and Mt Tengu!

2015.06.18 Thursday | by ankith#162
 Yesterday, I spent the day traveling around Shukutsu to see a beautiful viewpoint of the bay.

There was a little mist so you cannot see too far into the ocean, but it was wonderful nonetheless. Then I went to Mt. Tengu and took the cable car to the top. I wish I could come back to Hokkaido to skii it looks like a fun place!

Sapporo, Odori Park and Clock Tower

2015.06.17 Wednesday | by ankith#162
 There was a nice festivals in Nakajimae Park in Sapporo that I was lucky to visit. Then I got a great chance to walk up the clock tower and visit the museum. Sapporo is also a very lively city in the night! If you want to keep seeing new things I reccomend going to visit Sapporo!

Fun in Otaru!

2015.06.16 Tuesday | by ankith#162
 Yesterday was a fun day in Otaru! We explored the Otaru canal, Otaru Beer, and had wonderful desserts!

First Visit to Sapporo

2015.06.15 Monday | by ankith#162

First day in Otaru fisnished working in Hostel and went to Sapporo to see Yosokoi Festival! Then went to Sapporo Beer Museum and had three good beers!

Afterwards we had Okonomiyaki in JR Tower!

Welcome New whooper (#162)

2015.06.13 Saturday | by ankith#162

New MorinoKi Helper (whooper #162) 
Ankith from USA