Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Day trip to Sapporo

2015.04.05 Sunday | by rachel#160
Weather was a bit cold and rainy today. But i still had great time in Sapporo. The soup curry is very nice and the city is beautiful!

Friends from Australia!

2015.04.04 Saturday | by rachel#160

It was very nice meeting this group of three Aussie in the backpacker! We explored the down town of Otaru together and have dinner and drink with laughters! Funny people!

Re: about WHOOP from The Otarunai Backpacker's Hostel Morinoki

2015.04.02 Thursday | by rachel#160
Otaru is very pretty!

New MorinoKi Helper (whooper #160)

2015.04.01 Wednesday | by rachel#160
New MorinoKi Helper (whooper #160) 
Rachel from Hong Kong