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25 September 2014 Yi-san's whooping

2014.09.25 Thursday | by yisan#150
日本語はとってもむずかしいですが、頑張って勉強します. 早く日本語がペラペラに話せるようになりたいです. So...また会う日まで!!! 😁😁😁

BYE BYE! I will come back again! 

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23 Sep 2014 Yi-san whooping

2014.09.23 Tuesday | by yisan#150


I'm so sorry that I didn't update anything last night as I was too tired. I immediately fell asleep after eating all the good food. 😋😋😋 

I went to Sapporo yesterday just to visit the Pokemon center. You could find almost every Pokemon franchise in the store. Pokemon daisuki desu!!! Sapporo is indeed a beautiful city. Odori park situated in the medium of the city provides a short getaway for the people living in the city. The whole park stretches approximately into 10 standard football fields. Visitors could enjoy the ambiance of the nature in the city.  I took a little stroll down the park and realized that Sapporo is currently hosting the Oktoberfest which going to last for around two weeks.

On the other hand, I've got to mention that Morinoki held it's 15th anniversary celebration party from 21th Sep to 23th Sep! Congratulations Morinoki! 😊😊😊

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RE: 21 Sep 2014 Yi-san Whooping

2014.09.21 Sunday | by yisan#150
*forgot to attach this picture just now😅

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こんばんは! 😊😊😊

Udon party in the house tonight!
Masa-san's homemade udon was fantastic!
It definitely tasted way better than most of the udon sold in Singapore. Masa-san's friends were friendly and lovely! 

Did some grocery in the evening. I bought some milk, cakes and sushi!!! I can't believe that I haven't eaten any sushi since I came to Japan. 

I'm basically lofting around in the living room for the whole afternoon. "Cause today I don't feel like doing anything, nothing at all"...🎤🎤🎤  

Found a big Earthworm (ミミズ) this morning when I'm sweeping the floor. Masa -San joked that it was delicious and I said that it looked like Udon. 😆 Poor Eun-san was standing one side, dumbfounded by the humor of our jokes. 

"Don't count the days, makes the day counts"

おやすみなさい!!! 😵😵😵

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19 Sep 2014 Yi-san Whooping

2014.09.19 Friday | by yisan#150
こんばんは! 😁😁😁

How are all the travelers out there doing? 
Are they doing good? 😣

Listening to your favorite music while lying in the living room in the lazy afternoon is definitely one of the best relaxation therapy.
I went to a park situated in the north side of the Otaru pier this early evening. Wind in the Autumn seems to be slightly stronger here. I saw a rainbow appeared in the distance sea. Could we live inside a rainbow and lives happily ever after? 

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18 Sep 2014 Yi-san's whooping

2014.09.18 Thursday | by yisan#150


Feeling a bit of emptiness in the heart after Rebacca, Ocha-san, Cao-san and friends from Thailand left for their remaining journey in Japan. Life goes on. We are like a family despite few days of staying together.
 Mina-san hontouni ありがとう! 😁😁😁

We were helping out Masa-san with the bag pin. Feeling abit clumsy because this was my first time doing it. I'm could finally finished it thanks to Masa-san and En-san! 😁😁😁😁😁

Can't wait for tomorrow to start a new!


160914 Yi-san whooping's experience

2014.09.16 Tuesday | by yisan#150
Today is my second day here! I'm absolutely in love with this place! Good atmosphere and great companies and friends!  Went to Otaru canal this afternoon and the view was amazingly beautiful. Clear sky accompanied by the warm sunlight made it perfectly for a stroll along the canal. Cao-san and I went to have some cheese cake in town. Cheese cakes tasted so good! 😁😁😁
I could finally took a group selfie this evening. However mayu-san, ocha-chan and masa-san were not inside the picture. 😱😱😱 
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2014.09.15 Monday | by yisan#150

Finally arrived here in the late afternoon yesterday after the long traveling time. Thank you so much to all the people whom helped me along the way. It's a long journey and a long way away from home. 

Greeted by Masu-san's friendly smile when I first stepped into the hostel. This is my 2nd home for the upcoming 11days! Met a lot of people who yesterday. I really don't feel any awkward even though I can't speak Japanese fluently and understand completely. The people are willing to communicate with you and help you with it.I will do my best to learn Japanese to communicate with them! 

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