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Thank you for your help.

2014.08.18 Monday | by まさ@もりのき
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2014.08.17 Holiday~~~¥(^_^)/

2014.08.18 Monday | by jein@whooper#143
Officially ended my 10 day exchange on yesterday...
(Farewell lunch?! XD)

today will be my holiday and last night at Otaru and Morinoki(I'll be back!!)
Kamui Misaki is the only plan for today~ ^_-
pray for good weather, Kamui cape here I come!! =w=
ohh...the bus to Kamui cape will pass by America??!!
(Bikuni in kanji just same as chinese charater of America...
The world is so small huh...LOLS)
About 2hr and 15min journey,
Get off from bus and continue along with the walk path..
and in front of my eyes is....
On the way....the scenery already amaze me alot...
weather is hot and it can be tired...but cant give up yet...
keep walking..
top of the cape..

"Art of earth..."
This is what I felt for my whole trip at Kamui cape..
enviroment protection is a must, all the good scenery are the gift from natural.
Living on earth, we should protect them and cherish them.. =)


10 days whoom gonna stop at this point..
met a lot of friend and spend a great time at Morinoki with everyone..
Just wanna to say THANK YOU..=]

quote for today..

"This is AND not END" - LeeTuek-Super Junior

2014.08.18 Jein

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2014.08.15 福冈church & asahi lookoutpoint

2014.08.15 Friday | by jein@whooper#143
 After done the area cleaning, Masa-san ordering PizzaHut for our lunch today.
This is the very first time having pizza in japan,
tatse different with we ate in singapore and malaysia as well..
I wonder is there because there are no halal in japan?
we have discuss about the "pizza hut"name in japan and in china..
according Toh-chan, all the sign board for shop will be translate to chinese character,
hmmm....I guess I will going to china one day, sound interesting... =D

after lunch, there will be "sanbo time"(time to walk around)
way to otaru station, church and straight way to asahi lookout time
railway....I like the retro feel...
seem like there are cloudy today, worried about rain as I forgot to bring my umbrella out..=(
And also, there still have 2km away from asahi lookout point,
but look at the opposite side, sky are blue...well, Let's hav a try!! =_=+
way to asahi lookout point...keep walk and walk...
thats a slope as well....gambateh...

I wonder is because of I have pray at church,
super nice view..
nice view and good weather....I'm touching....
After some rest, is time to way back...
It's really a good place, highly recommended!
"life in Otaru"

after back to Morinoki, is already evening...
start preparing dinner...
bought sweet potato and decided to cook a Malaysia dessert"sweet potato soup" for tonight
oh well, even it look like banana, but this is 100% pure sweet potato huh..XD
Even Toh-chan also never eat this before...heehee..

and she gonna make some snack for us~~!
thanks for the snack~first time but taste good! Thumb up!!

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2014.08.14 counting down...

2014.08.14 Thursday | by jein@whooper#143
Time already 14th aug, thats only left 3day to be at Morinoki..
It a kind of sad for me...

After work and lunch together, 
we take a break at living room.
don't you felt this is sweet..=)
Sweet dream, Toh-chan and hug-chan..♡

And I was challange myself....And FINALLY!!!!!Miracle happened..AHA~^_^v
(tips:there are a name list the behind, look at it you will feel be one of the  too)
Thats was no plan for today, It may have a little bored,
so I'm find myself some play.XD
hahaha, gomen ne, hug chan...

Pets have a good nap now, is there a kind of happinese when you look at them sleep?
(I'm not a pervert..XD)

Good day...=)

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2014.08.13 travelling and living

2014.08.13 Wednesday | by jein@whooper#143
Everything as usual and is just like I am at home.
I like the feeling, relaxed and joy.

Talking about travelling, it can be rush, it can be full of memories and tired,
but when it tranform from travelling to life and living,
You will slow down and enjoy every single moments even do nothing..hahas....



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2014.08.12 Friend•Partner•Teacher

2014.08.12 Tuesday | by jein@whooper#143
 This is the 6th day I'm at Morinoki, and I will have a new partner from today^^
She is Toh from China-DaLian.
At first, I thought she was a quiet girl,
but when u talk with her, the whole conversation will be full of fun~>w<
And she became my japanese teacher cum translatetor for the following days, how excited I am!!
nice to meet you, Toh-chan~^^


After the first met wit Toh-chan, 
we have a lunch together with Mayumi-chan and two guest as well.
(Octupus supplies by one of the guest,  thanks!!)

After a tasty lunch together, we playing "scissors, paper , stone", 
loser need to wash all the plate.
and we have a chat together as well...=)

from stranger to friend like, we can talk with each other our life, our dream, our travellinh etc..
even is a shortwhile, I believe we're friend now.
This is what travelling and fate given. =)

Quote today: not something you learn in school
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2014♡08♡09 小樽堺町ゆかた風鈴まつり 

2014.08.09 Saturday | by jein@whooper#143
A weekend with good weather for Otaru wind bell matsuri~~

A day with a breakfast is a must~♡
You should try the breakfast which made by Mayumi-chan
(she have a magic hand, food from her hands are always delicious)
And thanks for Mayumi-chan the dessert after breakfast~
(Bought at the restaurant yesterday,yummy~~)

After failed to meet my friend, I have a late lunch and a good nap as well~
(weather is really good to sleep..XD)
my way to Otaru wind bell festival.
(thanks the info from Masa-san ^^)
that are a live band on stage!
everyone wearing yukata as well, even though the weather get a little cold.. =]

continue my step and move forward...
candle light??!!
yes, different from the other place, the Otaru wind bell matsuri was full of wind bell and candle light...And there are not crowded in anyway..relaxing..

The matsuri is small, but quite and beautiful, I like the way there are..
Good night Otaru..^_-

Live , Laugh , Love

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2014♡08♡08 D-day~~¥(^-^)/

2014.08.08 Friday | by jein@whooper#143
 Oh yeah, the brand new day was coming~!
Officially start my whoom at Morinoki.

Everythings go smooth and we have a lunch together after we done everthing.
Thanks Masa-san drive us out for lunch even is raining..
The restaurant located at jigoku-saka (hell hill)
And the foods are awesome! 
my ebi cream pasta, and is cheesy! Like it >~<
Good food always together with happiness♡
Tomato crab speghetti with two crab, which is the highly recommended dish in the restaurant
(even on newspaper!!must try)
Mayumi-chan already tell you from her eyes how delicious it can be..haha =D
If you don't believe me, I'll show you the proof...

haha, can't even left a sause.
Yummy and full~
feel sleepy...nap time...=v=

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Hello Jein!

2014.08.08 Friday | by まさ@もりのき
New MorinoKi Helper (whooper #1423) 
Jein from Malaysia
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2014♡08♡07 A goodbye & a new Hi

2014.08.07 Thursday | by jein@whooper#143
 Hi everyone, this is Jein from Malaysia. (^_^)//
I'm a guest of Morinoki before and I'm a new helper now~^^
Thanks Masa-san give me the chance 
(Is really a great help,

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” 
― Allen Saunders

Life is amazing as you never know what gonna happened for the next...
I met Ivyちゃん when she first day in Morinoki,
which I haven't know I will became one of them!
Thanks for Ivyちゃん yummy udon!Is really delicious
(sorry that I don't know how to rotate the photo...='(  )

After send her off, I spend some time to walk around.
I have been otaru for 5 days before I start the work exchange,
and yes, I would say I ♡ Otaru.. A small and beautiful town with quiet and peace~

Is time for rest..the whole new beginning for my trip will be on tomorrow!
How excited I am! ^_^V
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