Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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6th Aug enjoy working

2014.08.07 Thursday | by ivy#142
It's my work everyday. I learned a lot and enjoy playing with plants.

Also I tidy up room and clean the floor to welcome the new guests.

Mayomi chan is really good at cooking. I taste a lot of delicious food and dessert.

So I try to learn some skills of cooking.

It's udon I cooked by myself. taste good!


4th Aug travel

2014.08.07 Thursday | by ivy#142

After I finished work everyday, I  go to some places for sightseeing.

I went to Sappro, Furano and also visited around Otaru.


I enjoyed the flowers in Hokkaido.

I love walking or running along the Otaru Canal, it makes me feel peaceful.

2rd Aug The first day in Hokkaido

2014.08.07 Thursday | by ivy#142
Wow, it's the first day I come to Hokkaido.

I'm going to work here as a helper in this backpacers hostel.

It's a warm place.

The entrance is beautiful which is full of plants and flower.

Everything is shining in the sun.

I love the book norner though I can't read Japanese.

Host masa san is very nice always with big smile and teach me how to work patiently.

The pets here are cute. Sometimes they ignore you sometimes they follow you hahaha.