Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Thank you for Julien

2014.06.20 Friday | by julien#137
Thank you for your help. (12 days) 
Julien from France.
2014.06 (whooper 137) 

Otaru Matsuri

2014.06.16 Monday | by julien#137
 Last weekend, in Otaru's city organized a Matsuri.
It wasn't big, but the atmosphere was very nice.

You could find some stands of food

And on Sunday night there was a "parade" of a Traditonal Japanese Relic

Very nice!! And authentic!

Otaru Sweet Shops

2014.06.16 Monday | by julien#137
 Otaru is a very nice town, famous for it Canal.
But there are also many many sweet shops! 
Most of them make chocolat, ice cream, biscuits and so on.

But you can also find different kind of sweets.

I am french and before to come here, I never heard of Camembert cookies!! I haven't try yet!

Also i found a camembert cheese cake!! 

And that is a Cheese Ice Cream. I tried and i loved it!

Beer party and Japan Tour

2014.06.12 Thursday | by julien#137
Last night I went to a Beer party. I was with other guest from the Hostel, and I met many people. Everyone was very nice and kind. So good to be here! 

Mayumi-san work there! She was a very good waitress (hard job because it was full) !! 
Very good night! Thank you everyone.

Today I went cycling with Hiroki. He is a cycling-traveller. He is doing Nihon isshu (日本一周), a Tour of Japan by bike! So great!!
I ride just 10 kilometres with him! He goes very fast even those he is carrying a lot of stuff. GAMBATE !

Otaru offer me every day this kind of beautiful landscape! I love it! Traditional houses!

2nd day in a quiet and happy atmosphere

2014.06.11 Wednesday | by julien#137
 Last night I tried to cook... And I shared it at the Morinoki guest house!
I made a kind of "yaki-soba-pasta"...

We had it with an Otaru Beer. 
Finally the dinner turn out to be ok! ^^
For Western people it's not that easy to shop in Japanese supermarket because EVERY Single products are different from Western Countries!!

Before lunch we played with some wooden games!! Soo funny!


Last night I prepared a "mousse au chocolat" (traditional french dessert). We had it after lunch! Everyone loved it! I will show to Mayumi-san how to make it (it's a very simple receipe)

On the picture it's not very appetizing but it was !! So delicious! ^^

My first day of deep sharing attitude!

2014.06.10 Tuesday | by julien#137

Because I don't speak japanese, i will write on this blog in English.

I arrived last night in this guest House, OTARUNAI Backpackers' Hostel Morinoki. I will stay 10 days helping them in the guest house and sharing with them. 
When I arrived I have been very well welcomed and I felt at home instantly. The first thing i saw was this writing, I let you read, it means everything !


For my first dinner, Mayumi-san offered me to share her pasta with her ! So nice of her! I can feel, here the main thing is about sharing ! Look how good it was ! 


This morning, I helped them for the first time. We did the cleaning in a happy mood and everything goes quickly

Then we shared some japanese snacks. And because I try to be a japanese person I take many picture, like them!!


 I can not wait to be tomorrow and see what we will be sharing together ^^