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01/06(Mon) ありがとうございます

2014.01.06 Monday | by stanley@whooper#125
Finally it came to the day for me to say goodbye to MorinoKi.  12-day time was not very long but I did really enjoy myself here.  It is a unique guesthouse I have visited so far in Japan, or even in the whole world. 

I said goodbye to everybody and everything here - Hug, MoMo, the nice weather, the snow removal work, and of course Masa-san, Mayumi-san and Kan-san (the helper from Taiwan).  I took the bus to go to Sapporo.  It took more than one hour to go due to the weather and road conditions.  I fell asleep on the bus.  After waking up, it is another story... 

See you MorinoKi!  See you Otaru!  Thank you for everything... 



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01/05(Sun) My last night

2014.01.05 Sunday | by stanley@whooper#125
Today I ate fried spaghetti with black pepper and pork at lunchtime.  It was not delicious, so MoMo-san did not want to eat. XD 

Yesterday and this morning there were heavy snowfall.  After my lunch, a lot of snow and ice fell down from the roof.  We did an emergency cleanup for that.  At the time I arrived MorinoKi, the snow level on the ground in front of the entrance was only reaching my knees; now it is higher than my whole body!  It is very horrible. 

The weather this afternoon was quite good; it has only little snowfall.  I went to the Suitengu Shrine (水天宮) to have a look.  The feeling of going to shrine in winter is different than in other seasons.  Snow is covering the ground, the buildings, the statues and so on; it is beautiful. 

I also went to buy souvenirs and walked around near the Otaru Canal.  It was the last night for me to experience Otaru before I leave tomorrow. 

MorinoKi has brought so many precious memories to me... 

今天午餐時我吃了釟レ憩炒意大利麵。因為不好吃,所以もも小姐並不想吃。 XD 




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01/04(Sat) Shopping day

2014.01.04 Saturday | by stanley@whooper#125
Today Masa-san, Ayano-san and I had lunch together.  We went to a soup curry restaurant near Minami-Otaru Station.  There were many choices.  And it was quite delicious. 

In the afternoon, I went to Sakaimachi to buy some souvenirs of Otaru.  I planned to walk around there until dinner time, however the snowfall was becoming heavy.  Finally, I was back at MorinoKi earlier than expected.  I only bought a music box; perhaps I need to go there later to buy some more souvenirs such as wine and postcards. 

At night, we had a hotpot dinner together.  It is good to have hotpot at home, which is difficult to happen if there are too few people joining. 



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01/03(Fri) Last day of LuLu-san

2014.01.03 Friday | by stanley@whooper#125
Today was the leaving day of LuLu-san (the girl from Taiwan).  She gave us a lot of gifts, such as eggs, banana, pasta, instant noodles, etc. 

We got so many eggs in MorinoKi after receiving those from Paku-san and LuLu-san; they are all named as "everyone's eggs" (「みんなの玉子」).  ^^ 

We had a farewell lunch together in a ramen restaurant.  It was quite delicious after mixing the spicy sauce into the ramen soup. 

My ex-colleague in Hong Kong would come to Otaru tonight to have dinner with me, so I walked around the Otaru town this afternoon.  However, the snow was falling most of the time. 

We had a sushi dinner near the Otaru Canal.  It was tasty but a bit expensive. 



在接收了朴先生和璐小姐的雞蛋後,現在杜の樹有很多雞蛋。它們被稱為「眾人的雞蛋」。 ^^ 




祝 友誼永固!
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01/02(Thu) The day of cooking

2014.01.02 Thursday | by stanley@whooper#125
This morning it was only -4 degrees.  I felt a bit cold when working outside.  After 3-hour work, everybody was tired... 

I cooked salt grilled pork and fried egg for my lunch.  The pork was a bit too salty. 

In the afternoon, it was sunny sometimes.  However, I was too tired and fell asleep.  I woke up after a few hours; then I went to the kitchen again to make the sweet half sake (甘酒) using the dregs (酒粕) I bought in Higashi Hiroshima (東広島) before.  

I also read the cookery book and try to make ginger grilled pork (豚肉のしょうが焼き) for my dinner.  It seemed that I put too much soy sauce so it was quite salty.  Anyway, I learnt that new course; I can try to cook again after back to Hong Kong! 




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2014/01/01(Wed) あけましておめでとうございます!

2014.01.01 Wednesday | by stanley@whooper#125
Happy New Year (あけましておめでとうございます)!  After the countdown event yesterday, I slept at 4am.  And then, I got up at 6:30am to see my friend Paku-san off as he needed to take an early flight to Seoul.  I was really tired because of the lack of sleep.  

This morning Masa-san prepared some new year food for all of us.  It was the first time to see Japanese new year food. 

The weather today was not quite good.  It was heavily snowing from time to time.  I did not go out on the first day of 2014.  We watched a Japanese movie "Love Letter" in MorinoKi; it was a movie with many scenes taken in Otaru.  After that, I recharged myself by having a nap.  @_@ 

My dinner tonight was self-made seafood bowl rice (海鮮丼).  In the past I usually ordered this in restaurants outside; it was the first time to make by myself.  It was interesting! 



今天的天氣不是太好,偶爾會下很大雪。在2014年的第一天,我並沒有出去。我們留在杜の樹看了一齣日本電影《情書》;這是一齣有很多場景在小樽拍攝的電影。之後我就睡了午覺,為自己「充電」。 @_@ 

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12/31(Tue) New Year Eve!

2014.01.01 Wednesday | by stanley@whooper#125
Today is New Year Eve (大晦日).  Everyone was waiting for Year 2014 to come. 

Today's weather was quite good.  It was not very cold and also sometimes sunny.  Paku-san and I walked to the Otaru Park (小樽公園). 

At night, we all had sashimi, sushi and Japanese New Year cuisine in MorinoKi. 

After dinner, we went to the Otaru Beer (小樽ビール) to join the countdown party and celebrate the New Year.  We tried different beer and sang "Song of toast" (乾杯の歌) there. 

It was the first time I stay outside Hong Kong during New Year.  I had a great time tonight!  





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12/30(Mon) A day of eating

2013.12.30 Monday | by stanley@whooper#125
Today can be named as a day of eating.  I ate a lot of different food.  At lunch time, Paku-san (the Korean friend met in the guesthouse) ate with me.  I cooked two dishes - stir fried egg with shiitake in oyster sauce and panfried chicken thigh meat with black pepper.  Both tasted quite light. @_@ 

We also ate fried chicken wing and breast ordered outside.  They were more delicious than the chicken meat I cooked. 

At night there was an year-end party (忘年会) at MorinoKi.  We ate different kinds of food, such as pure vegetable salad, salmon salad, oden (おでん), pasta, cake, etc.  After dinner some of us sat together to watch a famous Japanese cartoon "My Neighbor Totoro" (となりのトトロ).  It was quite funny for a group of people over 20 years old to watch cartoon together. ^^ 
(Source: Wikipedia)

We all had a good time tonight. 

今天可以算是「吃之日」;我吃了很多不同的東西。朴先生(在旅館認識的韓國朋友)今天跟我一起吃午餐。我造了兩道菜−−蠔油香昊崔創孫畧釟雞髀肉。兩道菜也淡了一點。 @_@ 


晚上杜の樹有一個年末派對。我們吃了不同的東西,有野菜沙拉、鮭魚沙拉、關東煮、意粉、蛋糕等。晚餐過後,我們幾個人坐在一起看了一齣著名的日本卡通《龍貓》。一群年過20歲的人一起看卡通片,真的很有趣。 ^^

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12/29(Sun) A simple day

2013.12.29 Sunday | by stanley@whooper#125
This morning the roadway was completely covered by thick snow; yesterday night should be having heavy snow.  People from the houses nearby also came out to remove snow.  We were all working hard to maintain our living environment.  

I tried to make oyakodon (親子丼) for my lunch, but it was failed.  The quality was quite bad.  I cooked for too long and so the egg was too dry.  Also, I put too much soy sauce (しょうゆ).  XD 

Today I took some funny pictures with Hug-san.  He is very cute! 



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12/28(Sat) Cloudy day with heavy snow

2013.12.28 Saturday | by stanley@whooper#125
The weather today was not quite good.  It kept snowing for whole day.  It was a bit depressing to see the way to MorinoKi was covered by snow after I removed them again and again... >_<

I didn't go out today under the poor weather (or I was too lazy?).  I made my first lunch in Hokkaido.  I cooked a common Hong Kong styled dish but it was a simplified version - stir fried lettuce (レタス) and shiitake (椎茸) in oyster sauce.  I also ate an abalone boiled in Japanese pepper (あわび山椒煮) which I have never tried before. 

At night we had a soba noodles (そば) dinner together.  It was the first time for me to see the making of soba noodles. 
It was delicious!  おいしかったですね。

(有香港和台灣的網友也想看中文版 =_= 我嘗試一下吧...)

今天的天氣不是太好,整天也不停下雪。在我除雪之後,看到往杜の樹的路上一次又一次被雪再次掩蓋,讓我感到有點沮喪…… >_<


很美味啊!  おいしかったですね。
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