Working Holiday on Otaru Project

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Day 5 & 6 walking around in Otaru

2013.10.07 Monday | by tonye#117
 I was quite busy for the past few days and sometimes even don't have wifi,
thus some of the dairy within my stay have not been updated, I will try to finish it befor leaving Japan.

It was a bit cloudy and sometime rains in 9-30 & 10-1,
luckily I had already visited those places that far away from the city,
and these two days I can spend more time to explore the city of Otaru.

Otaru Beer near the canal, a short tour talking about beer making

The fish market was quite small when compare with other cities,
but still there are fresh and delicious foods,
these are taken from 三角市場&鳞友朝市

there are many of beautiful shops along 堺町

And in 10 - 1 I went for a walk from 手宮 to 小樽築港,
The views there are nice at night.

Spending a great night in Bar BOTA near morinoki,
If you are single malt whisky lovers, you must go to this bar!!
Their collection of whisky is really impressive,
Including scotch and japanese whisky.
(*it is closed every sunday and monday)

Day 4 Otamoi 祝津

2013.09.30 Monday | by tonye#117
Forgot to set the alarm clock yesterday night and wake up late....
Thanks masa & mayumi for helping me this morning

the place to visit today is Otamoi, which is also near to the sea

First I have to take the coastol cruise boat from otaru pier,
the trip was exciting, when the boat just take off,
hundreds of birds are chasing us!!!

the views of the area was also nice~

Another task for today is to visit some screen of a old comic,
"The last long song of this little planet" (最終兵器彼女)
I read this comic for nearly 10 years ago....
Luckily the comic collection of the hostel included this,
And I can revise it again before I go.

Finally, visited the canal after my dinner at 海貓屋

Day three: Yoichi distillery 余市蒸溜所

2013.09.29 Sunday | by tonye#117
The place I visited this day is one of my main target for my Hokkaido trip,
the Yoichi distillery of Nikka!! As I like to drink whisky =p

After working on the morning, I joined my friends and began the trip
visiting the distillery can really enhance my understandinding about whisky~

But the main activity today is tasting!!
We have drinked nearly ten kinds of whisky that is limited within the distillery.
And spent nearly four hours in this place

The restaurant nearby is also nice.

After I back to morinoki, I joined the soba party 
It was fun but I have drink to much in the afternoon -__-
I was so tired and go to sleep very early

2nd Day: Tenguyama 天狗山

2013.09.28 Saturday | by tonye#117
 before the start of today's work,
 I have more time to look at different parts of the hostel

Want to play with the cat: momo, 
but she always ignore me...T_____T

The duties of WHOOP are mainly about housekeeping,
after finishing the work, I can go travel in Otaru again!

the weather is nice today

Visting two local sake making company:
田中酒造龜甲藏 & 北之譽酒泉館
The second one is a bit disappointing as there are only little things to see,
And its location is also far away from the city -___-"

Tenguyama, one of best three night view in Hokkaido!
The views and atmostphere are nice here and i have spent a relaxing afternoon~

My dinner and the wonderful night view!

My first day in morinoki

2013.09.26 Thursday | by tonye#117
Hi everyone, I am Tony from Hong Kong and in the coming week, 
I will be stay in Morinoki as a helper of the WHOOP.

Because this is the first day and I can use the whole day,
I planned to visit a place that's a bit far away from otaru, 
Shakotan, a peninsula with amazing seaview.

The weather today was really nice and I had spent a enjoyable afternon with this
Although the schedule today was quite rush due to the bus...



When I back to Otaru it was nearly dinner time, 
hope tomorrow I can discover more about the city.

Morinoki is really an interesting place,
With huge collection of comic books, 
And also a cute cat !!