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Long trip 神威岬與島武意海岸

2013.06.23 Sunday | by amy#107

Today is very long trip, I went to 神威岬與島武意海岸.
Is my last day stay Hokkaido.
Fifteenth days.


I have to walk there, in the end.

long road

When I walk to here, I can see the beautiful sea.
I stay there 2 hours.
The wind is very strong.

cape kamui

I meet one Girl in here.
She can speak Chinese.


And I want to 島武意海岸 alone.

Beautiful sea

A beautiful sea again.


Otaru City

2013.06.22 Saturday | by amy#107
When I come to Otaru, I am so surprised,
because the shop is closed at PM 5 clock .
In my country is very early.
A lot of shop on this road.
except work time is different in Taiwan.
The city scale is comfortable, not to crowd.
Car is easy to go , when they are driver here.
In Taiwan, is not easy.
Always traffic jam, If you go to famous place.

On the road

Famous river in Otaru.


I very like dog, I have three dog, is six years ago.
Can you found a dog on this photo?


I like cat, but I never with cat together.
Miss Momo, she always bite me, I didn't know why.
I think, she don't like me.><!!
But I like you Miss Momo.


Thanks Every was help me people.

2013.06.21 Friday | by amy#107

Today I going with Mr. Masa and Miss Mayumi to eat lunch.
Is very very full, I can't move.
Thank you Mr. Masa

Curry soup

Today is thirteen days come to Hokkaido.
I have a little sad, because I will leave next Monday.
I love here, love Hokkaido.
When I first day come to Hokkaido, I'm get lost on the road.
I didn't found Mr. Masa , didn't found here.
Until I ask the shop boss, he can't say English, but he draw the map for me.
Everyone is so nice to help me found here.
Thanks Every was help me people.

Nice people 1

Guess what's this?
Big coffee cup.

Big cup

Answer is for flowers.

Flower's day

2013.06.20 Thursday | by amy#107
In Hokkaido, I saw a lot of flowers but I don't know the name.
I never saw this flower's in Taiwan.
I like these flower's.
When I will have a good mood, because saw this flowers.
That's way I want to write about flower in today.

Flower 5

White flower.
The flower is on the Big tree.

Flower 7

Very like Carnation.
Flower 6

Different face.
Funny face.
Flower 8

One day travel to Sapporo

2013.06.19 Wednesday | by amy#107
One day travel to Sapporo.
Sapporo is big city just like Taipei, so many car and people, also tall building.



I like this park, it's very interesting.
Not only tree, here has river,bridge...


You can see the big tower.

Tower and Park


Raining day in Hokkaido

2013.06.18 Tuesday | by amy#107
Raining day in Hokkaido.
Rain always feel blue and sad.
Mr. Masa cooking lunch today, so everything will be good.
I very like Rice and chill.
It's my favorite, cooking is very well.
Thanks Mr. Masa.

Lunch 1

Even raining day, have to stay at home.
If I don't want go out.
I can watch movie.


See comic book.
Some comic book, I already read in Taiwan, when I was a little child.
Some comic book, I sell them, when I work in international book show.
I believe Japanese comic book, is very famous in Taiwan.
Everyone like them.

I stay in Japanese courtyard for BBQ

2013.06.17 Monday | by amy#107

I stay in Japanese courtyard for BBQ.
Japanese courtyard you can see great view in there.

So many color food, I think is good for health.



When we finish the BBQ, I with mayumi and mizuki go to walk around Festival.
mizuki very like sugar food.


But I like this one.


Hokkaido Shrine Festival

2013.06.16 Sunday | by amy#107
Hokkaido Shrine Festival
Today I go to Hokkaido Shrine, so many people in there.
How to walk to Hokkaido Shrine,when I ask Japanese Girl, just don't get lost.
They are go to Hokkaido Shrine too, so I going with them.

Hokkaido Shrine

They are so cute and nice.
Thanks them.

Nice people

I get the God note.
Is big Lucky.
Thanks Japanese God.


I put here, the God note.


Hokkaido Shrine is very beauty place.
You can feel comfortable here.


Night View of Tenguyama

2013.06.15 Saturday | by amy#107
 Night View of Tenguyama 


Kiss Valentine's Day, June 14. 
Today, I take the Rope-way in Tenguyama with Taiwanese girl.
For see one of Hokkaido's famous night view.
Weather is not good, but still can be seen.

Night View

A lot of fog that just like standing above the clouds.


Touched the Tengu's nose.
According to the story, you will have luck love.


Tengu Sakura flower, like a girl.
Is very cute tree.

Tengu Sakura flower

Traditional Japanese Market

2013.06.14 Friday | by amy#107
Try to found the around of beauty life.

flowers 1

Traditional Japanese Market


If you like visiting the traditional markets.
You can take a trip around Japan's traditional markets.

seafood 1

You can use cheap price to buy seafood and try to made something for yourself.


Also you can find some Japanese snacks in inside.